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The Chimney Sweep News is published six times a year.


Jan-Feb 2015 - Burn Clean to Protect Air Quality

Nov-Dec 2014 - Bill Paynton's Diagnostic Tool

Sept-Oct 2014 - Beware of Chimney Scams

July-Aug 2014 - The Damage Water Can Do to Your Chimney and How You Can Prevent it

May-June 2014 - The Problems with Decorative Shrouds

March-April 2014 - Why Your Chimney Needs a Cap

Jan-Feb 2014 - Fire Safety Training Can Save Your Child's Life

Nov-Dec 2013 - Protect Yourself and Your Family from Carbon Monoxide

Sept-Oct 2013 - A Guide to Good Firewood

July-Aug 2013 - When Should I Have My Chimney Cleaned?

May-June 2013 - Ten Steps to Perfection: Ten Characteristics of Succesful Stove and Fireplace Systems

April 2013 - Swifts in Your Chimney

March 2013 - Save Money on Chimney Repairs

January-February 2013 - Keeping Your Chimney Dry

December 2012 - Caution: Hot Glass

November 2012 - What You Can Do To Prevent a Fire

October 2012 - Are You Ready for the Holidays?

September 2012 - Getting Miximum Enjoyment from Your Woodburning Fireplace

August 2012 - Cracked Flue Tiles

July 2012 - More Than Cleaning Chimneys

May-June 2012 - Conquering Chimney Odors

April 2012 - Springtime Chimney Reminders

March 2012 - Keeping the Chimney Cap's Screen Clean

Jan-Feb 2012 - How to Choose a Chimney Sweep

December 2011 - The Benefits of a Chimney Liner

Nov 2011 - Chimney Care After Natural Disasters

October 2011 - Is Your Chimney Ready for Winter?

September 2011 - Preserving the Value of Your Home

August 2011 - Tuning Up Your Woodstove and Turning Up the Heat!

July 2011 - Shielding Your Investment from Moisture Damage

May-June 2011 - Earthquake Preparedness: Damaged Chimneys Can Kill!

April 2011 - Help! My Chimney Smells!

March 2011 - Why You Should Hire a Chimney Sweep Now Instead of Waiting Until Autumn

Jan-Feb 2011 - The Art of Starting a Fire in Your Fireplace

December 2010 - Holiday Hearth Safety

November 2010 - Getting the Most Heat from Your Woodburning Dollar

October 2010 - Are You Prepared for a Power Outage?

September 2010 - The Fine Art of Woodburning: Principles to Learn

August 2010 - Outdoor Fireplaces: A Great Way to Celebrate Nature!

July 2010 - 'My Dryer Doesn't Work Anymore'

May-June 2010 - Accessorize Your Hearth

April 2010 - Why Your Catalytic Wood Stove Shouldn't Be Operated Without Its Combustor

March 2010 - The Soot Barometer

Jan-Feb 2010 - What Kind of Fireplace Do You Have?

December 2009 - Dutch Oven Cooking

November 2009 - The Chimney Crown - Your Chimney's First Line of Defense

October 2009 - The Top Down Burn Fire

September 2009 - Burn Local Firewood

August 2009 - Use Your Energy Dollars Wisely

July 2009 - Are You Ready for Winter?

May-June 2009 - Chimney Cleaning Basics

April 2009 - Chimney Invaders!

March 2009 - Protecting Your Investment

January-February 2009 - Creating Warm Winter Memories

December 2008 - Money Saving Measures for Your Fireplace

November 2008 - Making Safe Holiday Memories

October 2008 - Fireplace Design Makeover

September 2008 - When Was the Last Time Anyone Took a Close Look at Your Chimney?

August 2008 - Fall Prevention Tips for Employees

July 2008 - Your Carbon Footprint: How to Lighten Your Step

January-February 2008 -- Replace Old Heat Tapes with Safer, Certified New Ones

December 2007 - Don't Let the Holidays Go Up in Smoke

November 2007 - A Fire Marshal's Guide to Gift Giving

October 2007 - Pyrolysis Causes Fires

August 2007 - Protect Your Home with a Fire Sprinkler System

July 2007 - Portable Generator Hazards

May-June 2007 - Selling Your Home? Hire a Chimney Sweep

December 2006 - A Season For Sharing Fire Safety

October 2006 - Do Your Smoke Alarms Work?

August 2006 - The Damage Water Can Do to Your Chimney and How You Can Prevent it

July 2006 - Protect Your Home from Wildfire!

March 2006 - Why Furnace Flues Need Yearly Inspection and Cleaning

November 2005 - The Do's and Don'ts Of Heating Safety

October 2005 - Why You Should Call A Chimney Sweep

September 2005 - What To Expect When You Get Your Chimney Swept

August 2005 - Plan Your Fire Escape

April 2005 - Raccoons in Your Chimney

March 2005 - The Masonry Stoves of Europe Gain a Foothold in North America

Jan-Feb 2005 - The Hazards of a Cold House

December 2004 - Holiday Fire Safety Tips

September 2004 - Preventing Downdrafts Using Bernoulli's Principle

August 2004 - Stuck in the Chimney and Can't Get Out!

March 2004 - Use Caution with Space Heaters and Fireplaces

Jan-Feb 2004 - Who Will Clean Out My Dryer Vent?

December 2003 - Decorate Safely for the Holidays

November 2003 - A Guide to Heating with Wood

July 2003 - Safe Refueling and Fuel Handling Guidelines

May-June 2003 - Aluminum Wiring Hazard Can Be Repaired

April 2003 - Watch Out for Overhead Power Lines

March 2003 - Your Neglected Heating System Could Kill You

December 2002 - Winter Safety Watch

November 2002 - A Sweep Can Do So Much More Than A Log

July 2002 - Be Careful on that Ladder!

November 2001 - Have a Happy Fire-Safe Holiday Season!

December 2000 - That Mysterious Soot Might Be From Candles

November 2000 - Fire Stops with You!

October 2000 - A Concise Guide to High Performance Woodburning

July 2000 - The Homeowner, The Chimney Sweep and The Home Inspector

May-June 2000 - Chimney Inspections Standardized!

March 2000 - Steps to Sweeping a Regular Masonry Fireplace

December 1999 - Chimney Fire!

November 1999 - Selecting and Locating a Chimney

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