Torque Lock Connector Receives
2010 Inventice Award

Chimney Sweep News Editor Jim Gillam congratulates Pat Hemenway of Rutland Products, manufacturer of the Torque Lock connector, as she accepts The Inventice Award for Best New Product for chimney professionals.
Photo by Blume.

Torque Lock Connector from Rutland Products features a tongue and groove connection to absorb torque. The beveled hole makes unlocking easy while the recessed button helps avoid unexpected disconnection.

Torque Lock Connector (TLC) from Rutland Products received the 4th annual Inventice Award at the 2010 National Chimney Sweep Guild convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. Draw Collar, available from Lindemann Chimney Supply, received Honorable Mention.

Draw Collar, available from Lindemann Chimney Supply, preheats the flue before lighting a fire, establishing draft and preventing smoke spillage.

The Chimney Sweep News sponsors the annual Inventice Awards to encourage innovation in the chimney and venting industry. Entries are invited for the best newly available products for professional chimney service specialists to use in their businesses or to sell to customers.

The top two criteria for judging are:
• The perceived utility and value of the product for both the end consumer and professional chimney service specialists selling/installing the product and,
• The degree of innovation exhibited in the new product.
Judges are also invited to consider safety, sales potential and all other aspects of the product.

Entries were evaluated by a team of five judges: Yvette Aube (AIM Chimney Sweep & Hearth, Midland, Ontario), Jim Collar (London Aire Services, Forest Lake, MN), Stephen Kuber (ChimCheree Chimney Sweep, Brick, NJ), Dean Piper (YOHS, Anacortes, WA), and Jay Walker (Jay Walker Enterprises, Tallahassee, FL). They were invited to participate by Chimney Sweep News Editor Jim Gillam on the basis of their integrity and to represent a balance of experiences and geography. No one associated with The Chimney Sweep News (SNEWS) was involved in the judging.

“The judges had four outstanding entries to choose from this year,” Jim said, including:

Fireplace Draft Damper System – Exhausto

The Fireplace Draft Damper System (FDDS) is the first completely automated draft and damper system for use with gas fireplaces. The FDDS is designed to manage a perfect draft, protecting occupants from dangerous flue gases while eliminating the need for glass doors.

Ventis Double Wall Black Stovepipe – Olympia Chimney Supply

Ventis Double Wall Black Stovepipe from Olympia Chimney Supply features fume free 24 gauge satin coat black steel, ThermalWeb design and precision end forming. It is available in a wide variety of lengths, slip sections and telescoping sections.

Patricia Hemenway, Marketing Manager of Rutland Products, accepted the Torque Lock Connector’s 2010 Inventice Award at a ceremony immediately following the first session of the trade show.

We invite innovative suppliers to prepare for the 2011 Inventice Awards. Please visit Inventice Awards 2011 for more information.


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