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SNEWS - The Chimney Sweep's Newsmagazine

March 2004


Roy and Barbara Couch of Combustion Improvers, Inc. enjoy a ride on a 2003 Centennial Edition Harley-Davidson at the Northeast Regional Chimney Sweep convention in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, January 30, 2004. Copperfield Chimney Supply is offering the Harley as the prize in their 2004 sweepstakes.

Photo by Jim Gillam


Sweeps Storm Sturbridge, article and photos by Jim Gillam

Changes in Masonry Chimney and Fireplace Construction, article and diagrams by Chris Prior

Yardstick for Making Money in a Construction Related Business, by Michael Stone


Servicing the Dryer and Vent with David Kresge, article and photos by Jim Gillam

Products and Services

How Eva Horton Became a Legend in Her Own Time, by Jay Hensley

Upcoming Events and Unclassified Ads

Back Page Freebie: Use Caution with Space Heaters

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