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SNEWS - The Chimney Sweep News

October 2005


Breaking out flue tiles with a massive chisel at the Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild's summer workshop in Lincoln, CA on August 13.

Photo by Jim Gillam


Chimney Ghosts, by Marge Padgitt, illustrations by Laura Zerzan

Global Positioning Systems Will Get You There Most of the Time, by Jim Gillam with Blume

Bake Ovens Rule at Midwest workshop, article and photos by Marge Padgitt

SNEWS Briefs

Sweeps 100 Years Ago, postcard images courtesy of Steve Snyder

Relining a Fireplace Chimney at the Golden State Workshop. article and photos by Jim Gillam

Scripts: The Most Boring Aspect of Marketing Also Has the Highest Return On Investment, by Dale Howard

Build Your Business Through Radio and TV Interviews, by Marsha Friedman

Products & Services

The Case of the Horrible Drip, by Marge Padgitt

Upcoming Events and Unclassified Ads

Back Page Freebie: Why You Should Call A Chimney Sweep, by Jim Gillam, illustrations by Kyle McQueen

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