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May-June 2011

Ashley Eldridge (left, CSIA Education Director) and consultant Paul Stegmeir talk with Margaret and Peter Hutchison, an Australian couple who have developed the SmartBurn creosote ad smoke reducing product. The steel tube Ashley is holding is simply placed at the edge of the fire in a fireplace or woodstove. As it heats, catalytic vapors are released from the pinched ends of the tube to mix with the smoke, which allows the smoke to be burned within the fire rather than travel up the chimney. The tube is effective for about three months of continuous use. The product has received 68 awards in Australia since its introduction in 2005 and was a finalist and received honorable mention at the 2011 HPBExpo Vesta Awards ceremony.
Photo by Jim Gillam


Optimistic at HPBA's 2011 Expo, Article and photos by Jim Gillam

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