Here's Why So Many Chimney Professsionals Love The Chimney Sweep News (SNEWS):

"How fortunate chimney sweeps are to have a magazine like The Chimney Sweep News. It is a rare business publication that is unpretentious and yet competent, and so clearly dedicated to serving the needs of its readers."

John Gulland, The Wood Heat Organization

"The most recent issue [July 2012] had some of the best advice in print for the industry on how to move one's business to the next level, and also imparted the wisdom that the next level is the one for which the business owner dreams and sets up the business. Business dreams and business realities need to match; your articles in the most recent issue stated this very well. Excellent job, my friend."

Jerry Isenhour, Chimney and Venting Consultants,
Concord, NC

"We have been reading SNEWS since the mid-1980s and always look forward to the free exchange of ideas, great articles, and back page freebies."

Gene & Marge Padgitt, Hearth Masters / Padgitt Chimney & Fireplace,
Independence, MO

"Each issue is a reference book all by itself."

Mike Wilcox, Magic Dragon Chimney Services
Norcross, GA

"I appreciate and enjoy the way SNEWS shows the human side of sweeping. You present a good blend of sweep information and the people in sweeping."

Royal Edwards, Royal Edwards Technical Services
Seffner, FL

"I am reading the latest issue of The Chimney Sweep News [Jan-Feb 2012]. Once again, you have done a great job of putting good information together to help the Sweeps of the world know and understand their chosen profession better.

I have long said that the key to success in any phase of the construction business is education. Those who survive in this business are the ones who read at least one hour every day. They read about their business and they encourage others in the profession to do the same. They study; they work at being good businessmen and women, not at being a mechanic.

Your magazine is one of the best in construction and I look forward to reading each issue. I am always amazed at the pictures you come up with of the previous generations of sweeps. And I applaud your recognizing those who have contributed to the business and have now gone on to be with the Lord. As one gets older, it becomes more important to know that you have left behind a legacy that others can read about and hopefully emulate. Thanks for a great job."

Michael Stone, Construction Programs and Results
Washougal, WA

"Really like your May-June 2009 edition. You pack so much into each edition. Really valuable stuff. What a great contribution you continue to make to this industry!"

Greg Polakow, Copperfield Chimney Supply
Fairfield, IA

"Thanks for the awesome cover story [Jan-Feb 2009] on Jim and Linda Brewer’s company, Magic Sweep, Inc. Jim and Linda are first class folks, and some personal heroes of mine. You did a good job highlighting their successes, and what has gotten them there – a lot of hard work. No shortcuts. I also enjoyed hearing a little about their early origins as a company, their picture gathering systems, and their facilities. It’s write-ups like these that motivate me to constantly improve my own business and keep my young and ambitious nose to the grindstone. Thanks again SNEWS for giving press to folks who really deserve a pat on the back! Keep up the great work!"

Aaron Zambrana, A to Z Window Screens, Chimney Sweep, & Dryer Vent Cleaning
Lincoln, CA

"About 10 years ago, I read an article in The Chimney Sweep News recapping a sweeps' convention that I had not been able to attend. The narrative had a very important piece of technical information that I was lacking at the time. When I gleaned that revelation and added it to my growing compendium of personal tricks and trade secrets, it added a cumulative total of at least an extra quarter-million dollars to the bottom line from that time.

"In my humble estimation, this home-grown, trade-serving publication is the most valuable periodical tool in our industry. I'm firmly convinced that SNEWS is not an afterthought or something nice to get. It is essential to keep up with the times."

John Wisnewski, Let There Be Light Chimney Sweep
West Chester, PA

"I have been reading The Chimney Sweep News for the past fifteen years, and like Sweeping Magazine (NCSG Journal of Venting Technology), I view it as a valuable business tool.  I generally pick up one tip per issue, which more than pays for a year's worth of SNEWS.  The Back Page Freebies are the best.

"Keep up the good work, Jim & Harriet!"

John Pilger, Chief Chimney Services Inc.
Smithtown, NY

"We include the Freebie public service articles about Chimney Fires and Pyrolysis in our proposals. They provide an independent source of the information homeowners and insurance reps need. By doing this, we have received several large jobs, one totaling over $15,000. These articles have increased our business by approximately 10%."

Mark & Katie Maynard, The Chimney Guy LLC
Menasha, WI

"I read your magazine cover to cover, every issue. SNEWS is the cement that bonds the chimney sweeps, in the U.S. and beyond, I'm sure. Keep up the great job!"

John Sekella, Blue Mountain Chimney Sweep
Kutztown, PA

"The July issue was one of your best! You deserve praise, cheers and kudos for your July 2004, Volume 24, Number 8! I’ve been a very active sweep since just after Mike Varney [see “Smoke Chambers and Smoktite” in the July issue] joined this “Soot and Ash” fraternity. I received my first SNEWS when it was sent out as a sampler to solicit subscriptions. I’ve been a reader and subscriber since then.

"The diversity, the thoroughness, plus the usefulness to each sweep, whether he be an old hand or a newcomer, makes this issue more of a reference source than a trade magazine. I, for one, value your persistent and consistent efforts to keep those of us in the hinterlands up-to-date and informed! So many thanks!"

Al Palmer, Ye Chimney Sweepe
Irmo, SC (“South Carolina’s Oldest Chimney Sweep Service”)

"I guess I'm too used to articles that are screwed up, but yours ["OSHA Compliance: No Excuses" August 2003] is excellent! This is the best article I've ever read about my presentations!"

Rick Kaletsky, Safety Consultant
Bethany, CT

"Your issue [Jan-Feb 2002] with John Alonso and dryer vent cleaning was excellent.  There are as many helpful tips in that article as in the CSIA C-DET class.

"SNEWS continues to be the leader in providing technical articles to chimney sweeps.  We always need more 'real world' stories like your magazine provides. 

"Thank you for 'keeping it real' and publishing articles that help us in our 'real world' jobs."

Steve Snyder, Big Steve's Chimney Service
San Luis Obispo, CA

"A great publication - a real service to the industry."

Paul Stegmier, industry consultant

"We love your news and look forward to getting it each month. Good luck!"

Jerry Priddy, Priddy Clean Chimney Sweeps Inc.
Bethesda, MD

"So how many out there are NOT enjoying The Chimney Sweep News? If you have not enjoyed one yet, why not treat yourself to a subscription? Worth every penny. Remember EVEN the Canadians get SNEWS - and you know what the exchange rate is!"

Yvette Aube, AIM Chimney Sweep & Hearth
Midland, Ontario

"In many respects this magazine, and the back issues, are the 'Continuing Education Courses' for this trade... Nurturing, troubleshooting, self-directly learning, risky, hard working. And above all, amazing. The magazine fits the profession, doesn't it?"

John Crouch, Director of Public Affairs,
Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association


What is special about The Chimney Sweep News (SNEWS)?

  • Acclaimed original writing and photography, much of it contributed by working chimney sweeps and experts in related trades.

  • Freebie public service articles camera ready for use as customer handouts.

  • The Independent Voice of the Sweep since 1979. Not part of any company, guild or organization. 40 Years of Free Enterprise!

  • Your editor/publisher has 18 years of experience as a self-employed chimney sweep.

Chimney Sweep News Editor Jim Gillam was a self-employed sweep and SNEWS subscriber for many years before becoming editor and publisher. He says, "There is no other magazine like The Chimney Sweep News (SNEWS) in the known universe. USE it and WIN!"


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